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Gerald and Phoebe FTW! <3
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Time For Bed by FlakyFever
Time For Bed
Miya is tired, but Abby is there to take care of her. Until next time :)
The Shepherd kids by FlakyFever
The Shepherd kids
These are Astral and Mavis's children, Eris Melody(First), Percy(2nd),Mathis(Third), and Circe(Last). I wanted to draw them all over and hopefully color it later, I hope you like it. Until next time :)
The Shepherd Family by FlakyFever
The Shepherd Family
Forgot to upload this a loooong time ago, this is the family I created with :icond-prince:, I always like the idea of having twins, but triplets were more fun, not to mention our smart, magically gifted daughter. So presenting Mavis, Her Husband Astral Shepherd,Her Daughter Eris Melody, And Her Sons Percy, Circe and Mathis in that order. I have many ideas for this family, and I will draw this over soon (My MLP drawing style is always changing, I can't help it) I hope you like it and be free to ask questions. Until next time :)
My Mavi by FlakyFever
My Mavi
Some sketches of my favorite mare, she's apart of me. At the bottom is a younger version of her, she's a sweetie but quite shy, also I think she stole one of Cheese Sandwiches ponchos. Let me know what you think. Until next time :)


CHAPTER THREE: The Cheerful Monster
Hello whoever this is! I'm Salor, and i'm a jumpy, cheerful and excited 5-year old, i'm also a mutant living in the United States Airforce Facility or more commonly known as Area 51 I probably shouldnt be telling you any this as I have no idea who you are and most of this stuff especially is supposed to be top secret but "Oh well."
 Now you know and I can't change that. Right now im in my cage swinging on the tire swing they installed just for me in my cell, its pretty fun and great and so am I so having one in my cell just made sense. I wasn't allowed to watch TV so im usually stuck here to swing and make my own fun.
I've been here for awhile for as long as I can remember, and I have many friends here who are also mutants. Since your here I suppose i'll let you in on another secret, and it sure caught my eye when I saw it for myself. I saw a real life alien today! It was totally real and I saw it!
It came through the corridors late at night, usually most of the other mutant experiments are asleep but not me, there are too many interesting things that happen at night and I get to see it all. It was Professor Johnson walking in through the super strong steel doors protecting us from the outside. He was followed by a herd of different people, medics, scientists, officers, officials and inventors from different parts of the facility.
 I knew this would be something big and exciting, I watched on in amazement and looked hard against the glass of my cell to ty and see what was hidden in the crowd of people. I saw smaller feet shuffling in the crowd try to hurry along, using my extended sight I noticed one of the pair of small feet were green and had scales and only three toes.
 I began to shake with happiness, another mutant had arrived, I wonder if it was a lizard monster or maybe a fish of some sort, etheir way I was happy and eager to see the rest of whoever this mysterious creature was.
My tail began to flicker from side to side, as I tried looking closer, I finally got its shape and giggled, the poor creature was nude and was shaking from fright or the cool air. It made me want to run out and hug the creature, it began to turn yellow-orange  the further I looked up the creatures torso. I saw the head of the creature, it looked so beautiful to me with wild forest green hair and the eyes like a cheetahs with  bright blue orbs. Was this creature a feline mutant like me? I couldnt have been, along the sides of its neck appeared to be gills like a fish but then it had the scales of a reptile, I couldnt tell what it could be anymore.
I came to one final conclusion, this was an alien, there no human or mutant that looked like that...that I knew of of course but  still, I have never seen anything like in my life and i was intrigued to no end. They walked the creature into another room in the facility and it vanished from my sight.
 One thing I didnt take notice was the small boy holding her hand as they walked through, whenever she seemed frightened he pushed the others away and protected her. I recognized him, he was Professor Johnson's son, he only brought him over a few times to the facility but I knew most of everyones names here, he was a nice boy and took after his father in looks,but differed by having a large afro .
"Why was he holding her hand? Do they know eachother? How come I havent seen her?" I was battered with questions but I extremely curious, this was the first alien ive seen, I cant wait to it so many questions. I laid on my bed looking up at the ceiling, and smiled happily, I burst and jumped up on my bed jumping around and screamed with joy."This is so exciting!" I quietly silenced myself as I heard a loud growl from the cell next to me, I blushed and laid back down in bed giggling manically. "Sorry Wolfman, I didnt mean to wake you."

(Salor so far is my favorite to write about, she's so cheery and cute, she's somewhat vaguely based off of Pinkie Pie from MLP: FIM)


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